Dr. BAssociate Professor of PhysicsDepartment of Natural SciencesLawrence Technological University

Worldwide collaboration, Local education

My research focuses on providing theoretical input toward the discovery of new phenomena at current and future collider experiments worldwide. I am particularly interested in analyzing data from LHCb and Belle II to find clean ways of identifying physics beyond the Standard Model. My work is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Educate the next generation of leaders

In addition to research, I am passionate about physics education, and enjoy teaching and mentoring students at all levels. I employ interactive, hands-on approaches to learning physics. Supporting students with learning challenges is particularly rewarding for me, and I believe that a diverse physics community will yield creative and innovative research.

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Dr. B at the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Activities At a Glance


Experience and Resume

  • Associate Professor,
    Lawrence Technological University
  • PhD, 2011, University of Chicago


  • Institute of Particle Physics,
    Theory Fellowship, 2013-2015
  • Chandrasekhar Fellow,


  • 1,100+ Citations
  • 30+ Publications
  • 10+ National and International Talks

Core Values

Disvocering New Physics

I analyze experimental data to identify physics beyond the Standard Model.

Passing it on

I prepare students with tools and techniques to discover new phenomena.

Contributing Knowledge

I regularly write and peer-review particle physics papers for publication.

Speaking Up

I deliver talks at local, national, and interational conferences and workshops.

Research Interests

Particle phenomenology - discover new physics

While the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics has been extremely successful, it is still incomplete. The SM provides, for example, no explanation for the origin and hierarchy of fermion masses. Furthermore, the CP-violating phase in the SM is not large enough to explain the observed dominance of matter over antimatter in the universe. These, along with many more lingering questions, have convinced us that new physics (NP) beyond the SM remains to be discovered.

Experiments worldwide are actively looking for NP signatures. Yet, the discovery of NP at collider experiments faces strong challenges. Data that bear clues for NP have to be appropriately analyzed and interpreted, requiring considerable input from the theory side. To this end, I have already contributed to several directions of research, and am interested in pursuing these and other avenues.

Dr. B smiling with his greyhound dogDr. B stands with advisor at doctoral graduation ceremonyDr. B smiling over a panoramic view of Ranthambore, India